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Toward the First European University
The University of Freiburg is a member of Eucor – The European Campus, along with the Universities of Basel, Upper Alsace, and Strasbourg, as well as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. It is the first European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC) to be organized and managed by universities alone. Officially established on 24 February 2016, the alliance enables the universities to develop a common strategy for research and teaching and create overarching structures for science in the Upper Rhine region.

Trinational Studies
Eucor – The European Campus offers various possibilities for cross-border studies in the Upper Rhine region. For example, it is possible to take individual courses at the other European Campus member universities and receive a mobility grant to cover commuting expenses. In addition, the universities offer joint degree programs.

Cross-Border Research and Teaching

Joint research projects and instructional initiatives between the Upper Rhine universities are eligible for European Campus funding. It is possible to apply for a label for joint projects. The International Office of the University of Freiburg helps project teams find cooperation partners and offers them mobility grants to cover their commuting expenses. Moreover, the International Office provides advising on initiating new teaching collaborations.

The European Campus is taking shape against the backdrop of longstanding cooperation between the universities on the Upper Rhine. In 1989 they united to form a cross-border alliance named “Eucor.” By establishing the European Campus, the five universities now aim to create a new platform for this cross-border cooperation in research and teaching to consolidate their position in the competition for the greatest minds and ideas.

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