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Freiburg Career Advancement

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Supporting academic careers and offering academics excellent prospects: The University of Freiburg's "Freiburg Career Advancement" (FCA) program combines various institutions and departments focusing on career development. In addition, the university has also shown its support for providing excellent conditions for research, teaching, and qualification at the national and European levels by signing the European Charter for Researchers, the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers [de], and the guidelines on the duration of fixed-term contracts for academic staff [de].

The university's human resources development concept for academic staff [de] delineates the wide range of possibilities for development: The university supports researchers and teachers at all stages of their careers, from the doctoral and postdoctoral qualification phases to the professorship or another permanent position in academia. This involves providing comprehensive services for research and career support, for the extension of teaching skills, and for transdisciplinary qualification. Moreover, the childcare facilities run by the Family Services Office help academics to find a better balance between career and family.


The Doctoral Phase

The Postdoctoral Phase

The Professorship