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Dr. Edoardo Milana

Research Interest

  • Soft Robotics
  • Biomimetics
  • Applied Mechanics


  1. Milana, E., Zhang, R., Vetrano, M. R., Peerlinck, S., De Volder, M., Onck, P. R., … & Gorissen, B. (2020). Metachronal patterns in artificial cilia for low Reynolds number fluid propulsion. Science advances, 6(49), eabd2508.
  2. Aubin, C. A., Gorissen, B., Milana, E., Buskohl, P. R., Lazarus, N., Slipher, G. A., … & Shepherd, R. F. (2022). Towards enduring autonomous robots via embodied energy. Nature, 602(7897), 393-402.
  3. Gorissen, B., Milana, E., Baeyens, A., Broeders, E., Christiaens, J., Collin, K., … & De Volder, M. (2019). Hardware sequencing of inflatable nonlinear actuators for autonomous soft robots. Advanced Materials, 31(3), 1804598.

What I am looking for in a Rising Star

As fellow FRSA alumnus, I know very well the possibilities and the expectations of hosting a Rising Star. I am looking forward to host myself an outstanding young researcher (PhD defense +/- 2 years), to establish a joint small project aiming at a shared publication. Afterwards, the candidate can be potentially recruited in my livMaTs projects.