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Dr. Viacheslav Slesarenko

Field of research

Mechanical metamaterials are man‐made materials engineered to achieve extreme mechanical properties, often beyond those found in most natural materials. The unconventional properties of mechanical metamaterials originate in their sophisticated internal architecture, usually fashioned from repeating unit cells. Traditionally, once metamaterial is fabricated, its overall mechanical properties are fixed and cannot be altered later. My research team is developing metamaterials that can change their properties thanks to the local reconfigurations of unit cells. To achieve that, we are planning to integrate active stimuli-responsive materials into the architecture of metamaterials and harness instability-induced transformations. Since transformations can be temporary or permanent, new metamaterials will obtain the capacity to adapt and even learn from the previous experience. Incredibly immense design space favors the implementation of machine learning approaches to search for optimal configuration both on the design stage and after fabrication, so we are looking for high-skilled candidates to join our interdisciplinary project.

Top three publications

[1] V. Slesarenko. Planar Mechanical Metamaterials with Embedded Permanent Magnets, Materials 13(6) 1313 (2020)

[2] J. Li, T. Pallicity, V. Slesarenko, A. Goshkoderia, S. Rudykh. Domain formations and pattern transitions via instabilities in soft heterogeneous materials, Advanced Materials 31(14) 1807309 (2019)

[3] J. Li, V. Slesarenko, S. Rudykh. Auxetic multiphase soft composite material design through instabilities with application for acoustic metamaterials, Soft Matter 14(30) 6171-6180