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PD Dr. Ulrich Maurer

Field of research

We aim to understand how a cell makes the decision between cell death and suvival, and its impact on inflammation. To this end, we investigate signaling pathways controlled by phosphorylation, ubiquitylation and proteolysis, by biochemical approaches and by analyzing mouse models.

Top three publications

Brauns-Schubert P, Schubert F, Wissler M, Weiss M, Schlicher L, Bessler S, Safavi M, Miething C, Borner C, Brummer T, Maurer U (2018): CDK9-mediated phosphorylation controls the interaction of TIP60 with the transcriptional machinery. EMBO Rep, 19, 244-56

Schlicher L, Wissler M, Preiss F, Brauns-Schubert P, Jakob C, Dumit V, Borner C, Dengjel J, and Maurer U (2016): SPATA2 promotes CYLD activity and regulates TNF-induced NF-κB signaling and cell death. EMBO Rep, 17, 1485-7

Charvet C, Wissler M, Brauns-Schubert P, Wang SJ, Tang Y, Sigloch F, Mellert H, Brandenburg M, Lindner S, Breit B, Green DR, McMahon S, Borner C, Gu W, Maurer U (2011): Phosphorylation of Tip60 by GSK-3 determines the induction of PUMA and apoptosis by p53. Mol Cell 42, 584-96

Desired career level, work experience and educational background of the “Rising Star”

Post-doc, experienced post-doc

Biology, Medicine, Life Sciences