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Prof. apl. Dr. Tonio Ball

Research Interest

Mr. Ball is part or the research field NeuroBotics at IMBIT. NeuroBotics’ focus is on the neurotechnolog-ical interaction between humans and intelligent assistance systems in complex everyday situations. At IMBIT we work with several robotic devices and read out techniques for human brain signals such as EEG or OPM MEG.

In general, Mr Ball is interested in

  • Brain-Computer Interfacing
  • Deep Learning for brain signals
  • Neurophysiology of the sensorimotor system


  1. Schirrmeister, R. T., Springenberg, J. T., Fiederer, L. D. J., Glasstetter, M., Eggensperger, K., Tangermann, M., … & Ball, T. (2017). Deep learning with convolutional neural networks for EEG decoding and visualization. Human brain mapping, 38(11), 5391-5420.
  2. Kapitonova, M., Haeringer, Z., Bongk, E., & Ball, T. (2022, November). A Modular, Adaptive, Deep-Learning-Based Brain-VR Interface. In 2022 Joint 12th International Conference on Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems and 23rd International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems (SCIS&ISIS) (pp. 1-4). IEEE.
  3. Hammer, J., Schirrmeister, R. T., Hartmann, K., Marusic, P., Schulze-Bonhage, A., & Ball, T. (2022). Interpretable functional specialization emerges in deep convolutional networks trained on brain signals. Journal of Neural Engineering, 19(3), 036006.

What I am looking for in a prospective Rising Star

We hope to attract excellent young scientists at the master, PhD, and PostDoc level to come to Freiburg for their next career stage.
We also invite junior or assistant professors in case they are looking for new places (and bring their own funding).

If a prospective rising star is interested in long term collaboration while at work at other universities, it might be fruitful to complement or enlarge the BrainLinks-BrainTools research program.