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Prof. Dr. Bernhard K.J. Neumärker

Research Interest

Interdisciplinary research questions regarding Universal Basic Income


  1. Gründinger, W., Bendling, L., Creutzig, F., Hagedorn, G., Kemfert, C., Neumärker, B., … & Tvrtković, M. (2021). CO2-Bepreisung und soziale Ungleichheit in Deutschland. Momentum Quarterly-Zeitschrift für sozialen Fortschritt, 10(3), 176-187.
  2. Neumärker, B., Blum, B., Yalcin, B., & Yalcin, S. (2021). UBI in Times of Crisis: The Net Basic Income Discussing the Case of Germany. Journal for Markets and Ethics, 9(1), 15-36.
  3. Blum, B., & Neumärker, B. K. (2021). Lessons from globalization and the COVID-19 pandemic for economic, environmental and social policy. World, 2(2), 308-333.

What I am looking for in a prospective Rising Star

As an interdisciplinary research network, we welcome applicants from various disciplines who are interested in researching the Universal Basic Income. Joint projects and publications as well as new cooperation partners or acquisitions of third party funding for future research projects are desired by us. There is a possibility to fill doctoral positions with suitable Rising Stars.