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Prof. Dr. Lars Pastewka

Field of research

My group develops and applies simulation methods from atomic to continuum scale, mainly for mechanical problems surrounding interfaces, such as friction or adhesion. We are currently moving in the direction of the mechanics of soft materials. A rising star could should be interested in the mechanics of emergent soft materials (hydrogels, metamaterials, bioinspired composites, etc.).

Top three publications

Adam R. Hinkle, Wolfram G. Nöhring, Richard Leute, Till Junge, Lars Pastewka
The emergence of small-scale self-affine surface roughness from deformation
Science Advances 6, eaax0847 (2020)

Siddhesh Dalvi, Abhijeet Gujrati, Subarna R. Khanal, Lars Pastewka, Ali Dhinojwala, Tevis D. B. Jacobs
Linking energy loss in soft adhesion to surface roughness
PNAS 116, 25484 (2019)

Bart Weber, Tomislav Suhina, Till Junge, Lars Pastewka, Albert M. Brouwer, Daniel Bonn
Molecular probes reveal deviations from Amontons’ law in multi-asperity frictional contacts
Nature Communications 9, 888 (2018)