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Can I still travel?

There is a worldwide travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office for unnecessary tourist travel abroad, as strong and further increasing drastic restrictions on international air and travel, entry restrictions, quarantine measures and the restriction of public life can be expected in many countries. This will continue to apply until further notice, for the time being up to and including 14 June 2020.

Business trips must always be ordered or approved by the responsible superior in writing or electronically. The authorising officer(s) shall make the final decision on whether or not to undertake a business trip, taking into account the urgency, the official concerns and the employer's duty of care (including possible hygiene measures, individual risk factors and the current epidemiological situation in the target area and on the transport route there). The revocation of an approved business trip is also possible.

Which areas are currently considered particularly at risk for corona infections?

The Robert Koch Institute always provides up-to-date information on regions in which "ongoing community transmission" can be assumed to be particularly prevalent. Persons currently returning to the University from these regions are not allowed to enter University grounds until further notice.

Will be travel expenses for cancelled trips, conferences, etc. be refunded?

All business trips requested and approved (P80) which cannot be carried out must be submitted for reimbursement. Please attach all receipts to these statements as usual. All independent possibilities for cancellation and reimbursement must be used.

The universities in Baden-Württemberg are in discussion with the state government as to whether and to what extent these costs can be reimbursed. Further details will be communicated as soon as they become known.

What should I do if I am returning from a high-risk area?

All travelers coming directly from high risk areas or who have stayed there in the past 14 days are encouraged to stay at home for two weeks from the time of their return in order to prevent the spread of infection. This also applies to persons in transit, for example if a train or plane stops in one of these areas.

University employees are ordered to work from home for a period of two weeks in such cases. Please inform the responsible supervisor and the Personnel Department.