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Honorary Senators

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The medal awarded to honorary senators with the university seal

The university distinguishes persons who have renders special services to the university by conferring on them the title of honorary senator. The decision is made by the Senate on a proposal by the Rectorate, as described in Section 11, Paragraph 5 of the University Constitution.

Here is a list of the current honorary senators (in chronological order by the date of their appointment; last updated: 05 June 2019):

10.12.1969 Curtius, Dr. Carl Friedrich
08.05.1991 Mangold, Prof. Dr. Klaus
18.03.1992 Danielmeyer, Prof. Dr. Hans Günter
22.12.1993 Pestalozzi, Prof. Dr. Karl
01.06.1994 Mehl, Georg
05.07.1995 Teufel, Prof. h.c. Dr. h.c. Erwin
17.01.1996 Weitzmann, Prof. Dr. h.c. Horst
24.06.1998 Frese, Hermann
23.06.1999 Graetz, Eugen
27.06.2001 Reiche, Volker H. H.
27.06.2001 Sótonyi, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Péter
16.06.2004 Nothhelfer, Dr. Norbert
16.06.2004 Ungethüm, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael
15.06.2005 Dischinger, Karlhubert
15.06.2005 Mayr, Robert
21.06.2006 Kang, Dr. Shin-Ho
21.06.2006 Köbele, Walter
20.06.2007 Becker, Erich
20.06.2007 Salomon, Dr. Dieter
18.06.2008 Mack, Roland Dr. h.c.
23.06.2010 Deutrich, Anne-Kathrin
08.06.2011 Kary, Horst
19.06.2013 Ritter, Alfred Theodor
04.02.2014 Kley, Dr. Karl-Ludwig
10.06.2015 Böhme, Margret
15.06.2016 Ullrich, Dr. Karl Valentin
22.09.2017 Friedrich Pfeifer, Dr. h.c. Lya, J.D.
10.11.2017 Endress, Klaus
13.06.2018 Gerda Ruf
13.06.2018 Dr. Fritz Ruf
05.06.2019 Mayr-Stihl, Eva
05.06.2019 Bauer, Dr. Robert
08.07.2020 Rüland, Dr. Dorothea

The University of Freiburg has conferred the title of honorary senator since 1922. The title is a personal honor that becomes void upon death.
Historical List of All Honorary Senators

In 2015 the University Senate arranged for a historical review of the honorary senators to be conducted. Click here to read the final report of the group of experts commissioned for this purpose [de]. On the basis of the report, the Senate resolved in 2017 to dissociate itself from the appointment of six past honorary senators with a National Socialist past (press release). The historical list of all honorary senators appointed since 1922 now includes footnotes calling attention to the dissociation next to the names of these six persons.