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Imaging memory consolidation in wakefulness and sleep

Computational neuroscience is a highly interdisciplinary field. Interdisciplinary collaborations have resulted in many groundbreaking innovations both in the research and application. In this webinar series, experts describe their view on computational neuroscience in theory and application, and share experiences they had with interdisciplinary projects.

This webinar is open for all interested students and researchers. If you are interested to participate, please send a short message to


 Speakers are:

  • 17.06.2021: Monika Schönauer (University of Freiburg, neuropsychology)

  • 24.06.2021: tba

  • 01.07.2021: Michael Denker (Forschungszentrum Jülich, NFDI neuroscience)

  • 08.07.2021: Anna Stöckl (University of Würzburg, Science communicator)

  • 15.07.2021: Martin Rolfs (HU Berlin, Active Vision and Cognition)

  • 22.07.2021: Veronika Egger (University of Regensburg, Neurophysiology)

Please note, these lectures will be recorded for subsequent publishing as online lecture material.


Interne Verantwortlichkeit:
Institut für Biologie 3, Professur für Computational Neuroscience

Janina Radny