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Courses, Courses of Study, and Programs.

Continuing education has become a part of everyday professional life. But what course is really useful and how can it be brought into line with the demands of family life and work?
 The Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education (FRAUW) coordinates an extensive program combining a multitude of possible topics with a multitude of course offerings for qualified professionals and anyone interested in extending their knowledge in an area in which they already have basic qualifications.
 In addition to continuing education programs designed to be completed alongside a full-time job which are open to all qualified participants, the FRAUW also offers special programs for employees of the University of Freiburg. They include courses on topics like administration, human resources management, budgeting, media, computer science, communication & management, languages, technology, and work safety.
 Finally, the FRAUW is also responsible for the program for guest students. Persons who register as guest students can audit up to five courses per semester, but are not eligible to take examinations. For many phases of life, this can be an ideal form of continuing education.


Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education (FRAUW)
Universitätsstraße 9
79098 Freiburg