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Corona – Information on how to deal with the pandemic

Due to the corona pandemic, the University Library Freiburg and the specialist libraries on campus, like almost all academic libraries in Germany, initially had to be completely closed to the public on March 13, 2020 on the basis of a University management decision and the Corona Ordinance from the State of Baden-Württemberg. On the basis of the revised version of the Corona Ordinance from the State of Baden-Württemberg, which came into force on April 17, 2020, the opening of libraries at universities “subject to conditions” and “subject to compliance with hygiene requirements and distance regulations” was permitted in principle starting April 20, 2020. As a result, a provisional lending operation was able to start up in the UB on April 23, 2020. Since May 20, 2020 a restricted reading room operation has been possible for University members and selected specialized libraries could reopen gradually with restrictions starting June 16, 2020.

The greatly restricted usage of the University Library as well as the specialized libraries was carefully reviewed in advance with all experts and stakeholders at the University and adapted to the valid regulations (e.g. Hygiene Regulations University of Freiburg, Corona Ordinance and Corona Ordinance for study operations and the arts in their respective valid versions). It continues to be evaluated during ongoing operations and adapted to the current situation.

In order to compensate at least partially for the massive restrictions on studies, teaching and research, the UB team is continuously expanding its comprehensive range of digital media for the members of the university. Information about the corresponding additional resources is provided on an ongoing basis. In addition, the University Library offers a digital article delivery service (scans from journals and collected works, free of charge) and a book delivery service by parcel post (subject to a fee) for University members.

Mouth-and-nose coverings must be worn by everyone from the moment they enter the University buildings. Masks are also compulsory at the reading room workstations of the University Library and all subject libraries. A separate mouth-and-nose covering must be worn.

In all libraries a data collection (first and last name, address, date and period of attendance and, if available, telephone number) is required. If this data is already available, it should not be collected again. Students, doctoral students and guest students are therefore requested to enter their current contact details in the student administration system HISinOne. However, according to § 5 Corona Ordinance for study operations does not require data collection for the collection of ordered media or for the return of media in libraries of the university.

Access is prohibited for persons who are or have been in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus, if 10 days have not yet passed since contact, who show typical symptoms of an infection with the coronavirus, namely fever, dry cough, an impaired sense of taste or smell or who do not wear a mouth-and-nose covering.

Please refer to the University Library’s website for all current information about the services and possibilities of use.