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The University of Freiburg makes every effort to ensure that its web pages are accessible to persons with disabilities in accordance with § 10 paragraph 1 of the L-BGG (State Act on Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities).

This accessibility statement applies to web pages on the primary domain There are also websites of University of Freiburg institutes, faculties, and institutions on subdomains that may have different implementation instructions and accessibility statements.

1. Current State of Compatibility with the Requirements

Due to the recent transition to a new content management system, we have not yet been able to systematically check and document whether the website meets all accessibility requirements. Because we are now using a modern content management system (WordPress) with an accessible basic layout, however, we assume that it already meets many of the technical requirements today. With the help of an inspection of a small selection of pages conducted on 18 January 2021 by the state inspection office for media accessibility, we were able to remedy shortcomings identified there and make improvements. We will continually implement the requirements described in the L-BBG in the systematic inspection of all pages to be conducted in the further course of the website relaunch process.

These web pages are currently only partially compatible with § 10 paragraph 1 of the L-BGG due to the following incompatibilities and/or exceptions.

2. Non-Accessible Content

The content listed below is not accessible to persons with disabilities for the following reasons:

a) Incompatibility with section 10, paragraph 1 of the L-BGG:

  • Subtitles or transcriptions are available only for some of the embedded videos.
  • No explanations in German sign language are available on the website.
  • No explanations in plain language are available on the website.
  • PDF documents cannot yet be made accessible everywhere.

In the case of non-accessible content for which we cannot yet offer an alternative, please contact us using the contact options listed below so that we can find an individual solution to your issue.
Furthermore, your suggestions will help us to further adapt our content to make it more accessible.

3. Drawing Up of This Accessibility Statement

This statement was drawn up on 21 September 2021.

The statement is based in part on information from the WordPress accessibility team.

The statement was last reviewed on 21 September 2021.

4. Feedback and Contact Information

If you notice shortcomings regarding compliance with the accessibility requirements or if you need information on the content excluded from the application of  § 10 paragraph 1 of the L-BGG, you are welcome to contact us:

University of Freiburg
Office of University and Science Communications – Web Team
Business unit Science Communications and Strategy
Friedrichstr. 39
79098 Freiburg

Tel.: +49 (0)761/203-67928

5. Enforcement Procedure

In order to ensure that these web pages meet the requirements described in § 10 paragraph 1 of the L-BGG, we welcome you to contact the University of Freiburg with your feedback. The relevant contact information is listed in Section 4 of this statement.

If the University of Freiburg web team does not respond to your request within the period provided for in § 8 clause 1 of the L-BGG-DVO, you may contact the state representative for the interests of persons with disabilities or your local representative for the interests of persons with disabilities within the framework of the ombudsperson function described in § 14 paragraph 2 clause 2 of the L-BGG and § 15 paragraph 3 clause 2 of the L-BGG.

The state representative for the interests of persons with disabilities may be reached as follows:

Stephanie Aeffner
Else-Josenhans-Straße 6
70173 Stuttgart
Telephone: +49 (0)711/279-3360

You can find the contact information of your local representative for the interests of persons with disabilities on the website of the urban or rural district in which your permanent residence is located.

We refer you to your right to take class action in accordance with § 12 paragraph 1 clause 1 number 4 of the L-BGG.