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About the Freiburg Rising Stars Academy

The Freiburg Rising Stars Academy was originally funded by the Research in Germany Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It is a prize-winning project of in the International Research Marketing Ideas Competition, conducted by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Recruiting excellent researchers & building successful careers

The Freiburg Rising Stars Academy combines the interests of the Freiburg scientific community and the international target group of experienced top-level Doctoral Researchers and PostDocs – the “Rising Stars”, by offering:

  • International exchange with an interdisciplinary peer group
  • Mentoring by leading researchers in a variety of fields
  • Recruitment opportunities for early career researchers
  • Networking with top-level collaborative research groups and clusters of excellence
  • Sharing of ideas and development of new research projects within a support program

The FRSA creates sustainable networks and connections from which everyone will benefit for years to come.

Connecting with the Vibrant Research Community of Freiburg

Scientifically the FRSA draws on excellent research collaborations at the University of Freiburg as well as its manifold partners within the region. Host-PIs in this round of the FRSA hail from:

Further partners include:

A Three-Tier Academy…

…beginning with the Rising Stars Conference

Accepted Rising Stars will travel to Freiburg – all expenses covered. The conference will offer them an opportunity to visit their Host-PIs, attend scientific workshops, connect with their peers and explore the city of Freiburg:

  • During the interdisciplinary symposium, they will introduce their research projects to the research community
  • Workshops on interdisciplinary research, third- party-funding, science communication, and cross-disciplinary topics will be opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Time spent in laboratories, libraries, and other core facilities will allow Rising Stars and their Host-PIs to connect and further their projects.
  • Extracurricular activities and networking opportunities with the FRIAS & YAS will complete the experience

The Freiburg Rising Stars Academy will cover the expenses for travel, accomodation and most meals during the Conference as well as provide assistance in arranging the stay.

… culminating in a Rising Stars Night

Connecting partners in and outside the university, the Rising Stars Night will be an opportunity for networking and outreach. Concluding the Rising Stars Conference, this event will be a night to remember: a Jury of Experts will select the most promising research projects for the residency program, which covers expenses for travel and accommodation up to 5.000 Euro.

… which is followed by the Rising Stars in Residence

The Rising Stars chosen for the residency program will spend up to 3 months with their Host PIs in Freiburg, during which they will be:

  • working on their research projects
  • engaging with the Freiburg research community
  • receive access to exclusive training and advancement courses
  • network with Freiburg-based peers and colleagues

In addition, Rising Stars and their hosts (PIs & peers) will have access to a cultural framework program, connecting them with local and regional partners as well as enabling them to fully immerse themselves in Freiburg and the region.

The expenses for the residence will be covered by the partner institutions up to 5.000 Euro. Rising Stars will receive assistance in arranging travel and accommodation by the FRSA team.

… and leads to Connecting the Rising Stars

Rising Stars stay connected to each other and the Freiburg academic community. Some Rising Stars return to become full-time staff; others come back for visiting scholarships or teaching fellowships. Every Rising Star becomes a vital node in a world-spanning network of excellent researchers and leaders within the Freiburg Alumni Community.