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Dr. Sjon Hartman

Research Interest

In our lab we study how plants sense and respond to changes in their environment, with a focus on flooding stress. One main research lines aims to identify how plants encode epigenetic memory of flooding stress. Another research line involves how distinct responses in root development during waterlogging stress are controlled at the molecular level. We use a combination of plant physiology, molecular genetics, cell biology and a range of omics approaches to come to a better understanding.


  1. Hartman, S., Liu, Z., Van Veen, H., Vicente, J., Reinen, E., Martopawiro, S., … & Voesenek, L. A. (2019). Ethylene-mediated nitric oxide depletion pre-adapts plants to hypoxia stress. Nature Communications, 10(1), 4020.
  2. Pandey, B. K., Huang, G., Bhosale, R., Hartman, S., Sturrock, C. J., Jose, L., … & Bennett, M. J. (2021). Plant roots sense soil compaction through restricted ethylene diffusion. Science, 371(6526), 276-280.
  3. Liu, Z., Hartman, S., van Veen, H., Zhang, H., Leeggangers, H. A., Martopawiro, S., … & Sasidharan, R. (2022). Ethylene augments root hypoxia tolerance via growth cessation and reactive oxygen species amelioration. Plant Physiology, 190(2), 1365-1383.

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What I am looking for in a prospective Rising Star

I expect potential rising stars to fully integrate into the lab, and become familiar with all research lines. The goal of a stay should mutually beneficial. For the candidate, we can offer a supportive and cutting edge research environment where certain expertises and/or techniques can be mastered. In addition, any promising results can/would be used for either a joint publication, or function as a basis for a joint research proposal that would aim to host the candidate for a longer period on their own research grant/project. From the candidate we expect a motivated and inspiring colleague that is eager to learn, but hopefully also brings a specific expertise or technique still not mastered in our lab. A potential stay in the lab will hopefully the basis of a long and fruitful collaboration between candidate and our host lab, and potentially the lab of which the candidate originates from.