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PD Dr. Eva Rog-Zielinska

Research Interest

We investigate cardiac ultrastructure on a nano-to-micro scale.
We attempt to elucidate how mechanics (i.e. active such as cell contraction) affects electrophysiology and contractile activity of the heart, and vice versa. We are also interested in novel ways the many different cell types present in the heart communicate with one other.


  1. Kohl, P., Greiner, J., & Rog-Zielinska, E. A. (2022). Electron microscopy of cardiac 3D nanodynamics: form, function, future. Nature Reviews Cardiology, 19(9), 607-619.
  2. Rog-Zielinska, E. A., Scardigli, M., Peyronnet, R., Zgierski-Johnston, C. M., Greiner, J., Madl, J., … & Kohl, P. (2021). Beat-by-beat cardiomyocyte T-tubule deformation drives tubular content exchange. Circulation research, 128(2), 203-215.
  3. Rog-Zielinska, E. A., Norris, R. A., Kohl, P., & Markwald, R. (2016). The living scar–cardiac fibroblasts and the injured heart. Trends in molecular medicine, 22(2), 99-114.

What I am looking for in a prospective Rising Star

I aim to recruit master students and post-doc students through the Freiburg Rising Stars Academy and look forward to establishing new collaborations.