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Prof. Dr. Andreas Vlachos

Research Interest

  • Role of associative and homeostatic structure-function relations in central nervous system under physiological and pathological conditions
  • Neurothromboinflammation, neurocoagulation
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of non-invasive brain stimulations, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
  • Restorative and Regenerative Neuromodulation


  1. Lenz, M., Kruse, P., Eichler, A., Straehle, J., Beck, J., Deller, T., & Vlachos, A. (2021). All-trans retinoic acid induces synaptic plasticity in human cortical neurons. elife, 10, e63026.
  2. Galanis, C., Fellenz, M., Becker, D., Bold, C., Lichtenthaler, S. F., Müller, U. C., … & Vlachos, A. (2021). Amyloid-beta mediates homeostatic synaptic plasticity. Journal of Neuroscience, 41(24), 5157-5172.
  3. Lenz, M., Galanis, C., Müller-Dahlhaus, F., Opitz, A., Wierenga, C. J., Szabó, G., … & Vlachos, A. (2016). Repetitive magnetic stimulation induces plasticity of inhibitory synapses. Nature communications, 7(1), 10020.

What I am looking for in a prospective Rising Star

The prospective participant will be working with me and my group closely to achieve the research objectives of the project (i.e., shared publication).

We expect motivated and enthusiastic participants with a PhD degree – ideally with a background in neuroscience, bioengineering or physics and very good communication skills in English.

Preferably, we will establish a long-term collaboration that could lead to joint research projects, grant proposals, and other scientific initiatives.