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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Stolz

Research Interest

  • Quantification and visualization of resilience
  • Full-physics
  • cross-scale numerical simulation methods


  1. Yu, J., Rinder, T., Stolz, A., Tan, K. H., & Riedel, W. (2014). Dynamic progressive collapse of an RC assemblage induced by contact detonation. Journal of Structural Engineering, 140(6), 04014014.
  2. Häring, I., Ebenhöch, S., & Stolz, A. (2016). Quantifying resilience for resilience engineering of socio technical systems. European Journal for Security Research, 1, 21-58.
  3. Larcher, M., Arrigoni, M., Bedon, C., Van Doormaal, J. C. A. M., Haberacker, C., Hüsken, G., … & Stolz, A. (2016). Design of blast-loaded glazing windows and facades: a review of essential requirements towards standardization. Advances in Civil Engineering, 2016.

What I am looking for in a prospective Rising Star

The Rising Star should have an interest in the analysis of complex systems and their resilience. The goal of the cooperation are shared publications and in the best case the establishment of future scientific collaboration.