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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kleine-Vehn

Research Interest

Unraveling plant growth at a subcellular to organ scale.

Our society has an existential interest in securing food, feed, and fibre production, but we still lack a basic understanding of how plants define their grow rates in response to the ever-changing environment. MoPP is a group of scientists covering cell biological, genetic, and biochemical expertise and thrive to understand the molecular triggers that determine the plant architecture and thereby adaptation.


  1. Barbez, E., Kubeš, M., Rolčík, J., Béziat, C., Pěnčík, A., Wang, B., … & Kleine-Vehn, J. (2012). A novel putative auxin carrier family regulates intracellular auxin homeostasis in plants. Nature, 485(7396), 119-122.
  2. Béziat, C., Barbez, E., Feraru, M. I., Lucyshyn, D., & Kleine-Vehn, J. (2017). Light triggers PILS-dependent reduction in nuclear auxin signalling for growth transition. Nature plants, 3(8), 1-9.
  3. Dünser, K., Schöller, M., Rößling, A. K., Löfke, C., Xiao, N., Pařízková, B., … & Kleine-Vehn, J. (2022). Endocytic trafficking promotes vacuolar enlargements for fast cell expansion rates in plants. Elife, 11, e75945.

What I am looking for in a prospective Rising Star

Through the program I aim at supporting and helping develop the careers of early-career researchers, including Doctoral Researchers.