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About us

Our team

Lucas Thil
Politics M.A.
Working Group Sustainable University
Priska Schweikert
Psychology B.Sc.
Sustainability Council
Lena Rohwedder
Biology B.Sc.
Program Advisory Board Certificate Sustainability
Nick Sommerauer
Biology B.Sc.,
2-HF Bachelor Politics B.A. & Biology B.Sc.
Sustainability in Laboratories

Our tasks


The student Initiative Studentisches Nachhaltigkeitsbüro e.V. has been advocating for the institutionalization of a student-run sustainability office at Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg since May 2018, within a socio-ecological university environment.

For their efforts, the initiative was awarded the Alumni Prize for Social Engagement by the Alumni Freiburg e.V. association in 2019.

In December 2022, a decision by the rectorate was finally made to establish a student sustainability office at the University of Freiburg. With this decision, the initiative entered its dissolution phase.

As an initiative, they advocated for a transdisciplinary teaching offer in the field of sustainability. From these efforts, the Sustainability Certificate emerged, which has been available for completion at the university since November 2020.

They connected committed students with each other and with the university administration, thus creating a space for interaction and exchange.

Moreover, they accompanied the university’s sustainability strategy with a student-led and critical perspective.

The initiative played a significant role in organizing and planning the Project Weeks for Sustainability (established since 2017) and the First-Year Academy Future-Ready (established since 2020).


In June 2023, the official work of the student sustainability office commenced.

Three student assistants from various academic disciplines were trained by the university’s sustainability manager (Lora Gyuzeleva) and a member of the Initiative Sustainable Office e.V. (Helen Dörr).

In November 2023, an additional student assistant with a focus on sustainability in the laboratory joined the team.

In November 2023, an additional student assistant with a focus on Sustainability in laboratories joined the team.

At the end of June, we immediately began offering open office hours. Interested individuals are welcome to stop by our office on Wednesdays between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM (Hebelstraße 10) to engage in direct conversation with us.

In July, we introduced ourselves in the three sustainability committees, where we are now a permanent fixture: the Sustainability Council, Sustainable University Working Group , and the Sustainability Certificate Program Advisory Board.

In October 2023, the First-Year Academy Future-Ready 2023 took place, supported by volunteer students.
Innovations included a more comprehensive sustainability city tour, which we co-designed with the Buy Less Initiative, and an additional program day for Eucor students.

In February 2024, a module for Eucor students on the development of sustainable city tours was established through a collaboration between the University of Basel and our sustainability office.

Since March 2024, we have had a newsletter, that will inform you about news, job opportunities, volunteer services, and much more.


Consultation hours
Wednesday 2 – 4pm
(Hebelstraße 10, Room 02 012)

0761/ 203 4937