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Entrepreneurial Culture

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs launched the competition “EXIST Entrepreneurial Culture – the Entrepreneurial University” to encourage more entrepreneurial spirit at German universities. The University of Freiburg was successful in the competition with its strategic concept “Windows for Entrepreneurship” and is among the 22 universities in Germany now receiving funding from the program. The goal is to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial spirit. At the heart of the strategy is the “Freiburg Entrepreneurial ABC,” which rests on the following three pillars:

  • “A” as in “Aus- und Weiterbilden” (training and continuing education)
  • “B” as in “Beraten und Begleiten” (advising and supervision)
  • “C” as in “Coachen” (coaching)

The team at the University of Freiburg’s Entrepreneurial Office advises all members of the university on questions concerning self-employment and founding a company. The employees help aspiring businesswomen and businessmen to draw up business plans and apply for funding from the federal and state governments. In addition, the Entrepreneurial Office provides a wide variety of networking opportunities and grants entrepreneurs access to university resources. It organizes networks to help professionalize new businesses and improve their prospects for growth. Moreover, the Entrepreneurial Office also offers courses, continuing education and qualification programs, and workshops on topics of interest for entrepreneurs.


Vice-President for Research and Innovation
Prof. Dr. Stefan Rensing