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Technology Transfer

The University of Freiburg is among the most innovative universities at the regional and national levels, and now also at the international level.

The Center for Technology Transfer (ZFT) is the interface between the University of Freiburg, the University Medical Center, and industry. The Contract Office helps University of Freiburg researchers to prepare research contracts with industry partners by providing them legal advice and assistance in structuring and concluding the contract. The support focuses on questions concerning intellectual property rights and the implementation of the University of Freiburg’s intellectual property (IP) strategy.

The Patent Office is the central office for registering inventions at the University of Freiburg. Finally, the team at the Entrepreneurial Office of the University of Freiburg advises all university members on questions concerning self-employment and founding a company. 


Vice-President for Research and Innovation
Prof. Dr. Stefan Rensing