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Universities should be free in teaching and research. This freedom serves to ensure the best scientific results. The transfer of this acquired knowledge is an important responsibility of universities.

Science can provide food for thought or offer concrete solutions to societal challenges. In addition, exchange can provide impulses for research and teaching from outside the university. Our researchers engage in interdisciplinary cooperation with national and international non-university partners in their projects.

Our Understanding of Transfer

The University of Freiburg understands transfer as a mutual exchange and dissemination of knowledge that benefits the university, society, and industry in the same measure. This understanding of transfer does not include technological transfer alone. Following the Science Council and its extended transfer concept, we also understand transfer as the “dialogical communication and transfer of scientific findings from all fields of science to society, culture, the economy, and politics.”

In order to make an impact on society with scientific findings, it is important to enter into a dialogue with societal actors as well as with representatives from industry, culture, and politics. In this way, science is not just made public but also exchanged and extended in a joint effort.

Communication, advice, and application are three important fields of activity for science in the area of transfer defined by the Science Council. The University of Freiburg aims to cover all of these areas. 

Our Transfer Strategy

The University of Freiburg has developed a transfer strategy to optimally exploit the potential of socially relevant research. Members of the university are to receive support in the three defined foci knowledge transfer (including science communications), technology – and educational transfer.

Interfaces for Knowledge Transfer

Numerous interfaces are involved in knowledge transfer at the University of Freiburg:

The Center for Technology Transfer (ZFT) coordinates the interests of the university and the university medical center with industry.

The goal of the Science Fair is to bring science and research to life. Various departments of the university and the Freiburg University Medical Center, other higher education institutions from Freiburg, Furtwangen, and Offenburg, and research-intensive companies from the region come together every two years to offer a behind-the-scenes look at science and research at more than 60 booths.

The University of Freiburg supports spin-offs and promotes continuing education and teaching to provide qualifications for entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurial Office of the University of Freiburg advises all members of the university on questions concerning self-employment and founding a company.


Educational transfer:

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Prof. Dr. Michael Schwarze

Technology transfer:

Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation
Prof. Dr. Stefan Rensing

Knowledge transfer, including science communication:

Business Unit Science Communications and Strategy
Julia Wandt