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Teaching Fellowships at University College Freiburg

Teaching Fellowships enable instructors to try out innovative, English-taught courses at UCF.

University College Freiburg (UCF) is a central and interfaculty platform for organizing and promoting international and interdisciplinary teaching activities at the University of Freiburg.

UCF’s main offering is the four-year, English-taught bachelor’s degree program in Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS). It offers broad, interdisciplinary training combined with subject-specific depth and consists of a Core curriculum and Majors.

UCF Teaching Fellowships are characteristic of the LAS program and ensure the program’s necessary academic breadth and depth. Teaching Fellows teach courses at UCF and receive compensation in return.

Who is UCF looking for as a Teaching Fellow?

Teaching Fellowships are for academic staff, assistant and full professors who want to try new and innovative teaching formats. For this purpose, UCF offers a flexible, supportive teaching-learning environment with interdisciplinary and highly motivated students.


Teaching Fellows offer a course for six ECTS credits and receive a compensation payment of 1,500-3,000 euros. These funds are allocated for specific purposes and are available for teaching and research at the Fellows’ institutes/departments.

The LAS Curriculum

UCF invites faculty to contact us with interesting course topics and teaching concepts in the following areas:

Further information

The UCF staff welcomes ideas and concepts for English-language courses within the LAS program and is available to answer questions about our Teaching Fellowships from interested faculty.

General questions about the Teaching Fellowships and University College Freiburg can be directed to LAS Program Manager Stefan Adler: 203-4416, stefan.adler@ucf.uni-freiburg.de