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New e-learning resource for teaching in English

The English Medium Instruction (EMI) team has launched a new e-learning resource

The English Medium Instruction (EMI) team has launched a new e-learning resource dedicated to writing skills for teaching in English. The resource addresses five topics:  teaching statements, catchy course descriptions, transparent syllabi, handouts/exercise sheets, and written feedback for students. Target groups are those new to teaching in English as well as more experienced teachers seeking feedback on existing materials in English.

Each topic contains a mix of video tutorials, review questions, and language handouts. The course page allows participants to electronically submit samples of new or existing pieces of teaching-related writing and receive feedback on clarity and language accuracy. Use this opportunity to fine-tune teaching-related writing skills before the upcoming winter term.


Figure: Course home page

In addition, six e-modules for teaching in English are available as autonomous e-learning resources. Each module aims to raise awareness of and impart communicative strategies for language use in the multilingual, multicultural classroom. The e-modules contain video tutorials, authentic clips of teaching in English with embedded questions, and extra resources (language handouts, self-study templates to reflect, links to pertinent articles/videos).

Beyond these e-learning resources, teachers can also receive feedback on language use in their English-taught classes or attend one of our workshops. To find out more, simply visit our website or contact us at or 203-8962.

Good luck for winter semester 2017/18

The EMI team