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The University of Freiburg is one of Europe’s strongest research universities. Thanks to its broad spectrum of academic fields, the University of Freiburg has great potential for innovative fundamental research – both at the core of individual disciplines and in collaborative interdisciplinary research. Freiburg researchers maintain close contact with other researchers at all levels – both locally and worldwide – at other universities and research institutions, as well as with industry partners.
All researchers at the University of Freiburg are committed to responsible handling of research data.

The University of Freiburg’s excellence in research and teaching is regularly reflected in various national and international higher education rankings.

In the current DFG Atlas, the University of Freiburg ranks ninth among German universities in terms of the acquisition of third-party funding from the German Research Foundation. After adjustment by research field and size of institution, the University of Freiburg ranks third among all German universities.

Clusters of Excellence, Collaborative Research Centers, and Research Training Groups are among the university’s most visible beacons of research. International comparisons demonstrate the outstanding potential of our early-stage researchers, as seen not least in the impressive number of ERC Starting Grants awarded to Freiburg researchers. Revenue from third-party funding at the university has seen continuous increases in the past years.

Many outstanding achievements by Freiburg researchers have received research awards. The University of Freiburg has been the scientific home of ten Nobel laureates and thirteen Leibniz Prize recipients to date.