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Research profile

As a fully comprehensive university offering a wide range of disciplines, the University of Freiburg regards the task of pooling research interests across the boundaries of several disciplines to forge new links in research and teaching to be part of its institutional identity. Research at the University of Freiburg is also strengthened by regional partnerships with non-university research institutions such as Max Planck Institutes and Fraunhofer Institutes, which participate actively in several collaborative projects.

By means of a university-wide strategic process, the University of Freiburg has continually sharpened its profile as a research-intensive university with interdisciplinary profile fields and emerging fields as well as outstanding individual research.

The two key factors for identifying profile fields are proven success in attracting third-party funding in national and international competitions (particularly research collaborations with structural significance like Clusters of Excellence and Collaborative Research Centres) and university research institutions and infrastructures that enhance Freiburg’s international visibility and set it apart from other research centres.

Profile Fields

The University of Freiburg has identified these strong, university-wide profile fields:

In addition to the university-wide profile fields, the faculties of the University of Freiburg have defined their research focus areas in order to highlight their strengths more clearly and to increase their visibility on a national and international level.

Emerging Fields

In addition, the University of Freiburg has singled out three areas with clear potential for development into university-wide profile fields: