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Academic Integrity

Regulations of the University of Freiburg on Safeguarding Academic Integrity

Representative for Academic Self-Regulation The representative for academic self-regulation advises persons who inform him of an alleged case of academic misconduct as well as those who have been accused of academic misconduct. He also investigates cases of alleged academic misconduct on his own initiative. The representative investigates the concreteness and significance of the allegations in accordance with plausibility criteria and informs the responsible governing bodies if he deems further action to be necessary. He is bound to strict confidentiality.   Representative for Academic Self-Regulation: Prof. Dr. Uwe Blaurock
Contact:, Phone: 0761-203 2270

Deputy: Prof. Dr. Ursula Nothelle-Wildfeuer
Contact:, Phone: 0761- 203 2115
Deputy: Professor Dr. Stephan Ehl
Contact:, Phone: 0761-203 9618

Investigative Commission on Academic Integrity  

The Investigative Commission on Academic Integrity is responsible for advising the rector in cases concerning academic integrity and investigating allegations of academic misconduct. The members are bound to confidentiality.

Members with qualifications for judicial office 
Lernhart, KlausChief Judge at VGH Baden-Württemberg
Wahle, DorotheePresident of the District Court Freiburg, Deputy
Tenured Members: 
Theology, Humanities, and Philology 
Striet, Prof. Dr. MagnusMember
Riescher, Prof. Dr. GiselaDeputy  
Pawlik, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. MichaelMember
Schäfer, Prof. Dr. Frank L.Deputy  
Behavioral Sciences and Economics 
Kiesel, Prof. Dr. AndreaMember
Voss, Prof. Dr. ThamarDeputy  
Natural and Environmental Sciences 
Korb, Prof. Dr. JudithMember
Buchleitner, Prof. Dr. AndreasDeputy  
Pollak, Prof. Dr. StefanMember
Peters, Prof. Dr. ChristophDeputy  
Academic Staff
Baßler, Dr. HaraldMember
Möller, Prof. Dr. AstridDeputy
Weitnauer, Dr. GabrieleMember
Junker, Dr. MarkusDeputy  

Members of the Investigative Commission on Academic Integrity 
(permanent members and deputies)

Administration: Dr. Uwe Tonndorf
Contact:,   Phone 0761-203 9696