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Research Infrastructure

State-of-the-art technologies and their further development are of fundamental significance for top-level research. The University of Freiburg has thus given high priority to a continuous development of research infrastructures in the past years. In order to guarantee professional and efficient operations, we have established so-called technology platforms and core facilities.

Technology platforms serve as an umbrella structure for decentralized large-scale equipment in a specific technology area distributed over several university institutions and in some cases also non-university partner institutions. Each platform is organised by a team of leading scientists. Available devices and terms of use are visible online and accessible to potential users:

Core facilities concentrate at a single location large-scale equipment, which cannot be purchased by individual users due to their high complexity or high cost. Core facilities are operated by qualified scientific personnel, offer users comprehensive services (e. g. analyses, methodology development, training courses, access to equipment) and have individual user regulations. Interdisciplinary Core Facilities are located at scientific centers and research buildings (e. g. (FIT, ZBSA, Signalhaus Freiburg):

List of Core Facilities located at the Faculty of Medicine