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Research Infrastructure Board (RIB)

The Research Infrastructure Board is an advisory board to the university leadership that oversees the development of research infrastructures across the entire university. It gives strategic recommendations on large-scale equipment procurement, reinvestment as well as Service and maintenance contracts.
The following members were appointed by the university leadership on the 11 July 2018 for the duration of 3 years (with the option of being reappointed):

  • 5 representatives from the faculties:
    • Biology
    • Chemistry and Pharmacy
    • Engineering
    • Humanities
    • Medicine
  • 1 representative from the University Medical Centre
  • 1 representative from the university’s Computer Centre
  • 1 representative from the University Library

The Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation and the Chancellor are members by virtue of their office. The RIB office is located in the Rectorate and is managed by Birgit Jassmann.