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Administrative, service, and technical personnel

Our identity as administration, service and technology

  • Within the framework of legal requirements and economic circumstances, we align our actions with the goals and overall tasks of the university.
  • We ensure the basis for the successful operation of the university and help to shape it as a partner* in research, teaching, studies and further education.
  • We fulfill our tasks in dialogue with our partners with a high level of commitment, responsibly, creatively and result-oriented.

The aim of personnel development at the University of Freiburg is

  • to support all employees in their individual, professional development at the workplace.
  • to offer suitable and up-to-date measures and to take into account the individual, changing life events of the employees.
  • to supplement their own measures continuously and according to their needs. In doing so, it contributes to an appreciative management and organizational culture.


Petra Engelbracht
(Management Office PE, Management of the AK PE)
Phone: +49 761 / 203 – 96888

Franziska Jebok
(Assistance Office PE, Coordination)
Phone.: +49 761 / 203 – 96889