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Continuing Education

Take a seat! You have the choice between hundreds of continuing education programs. Continuing education plays an integral role in our knowledge economy. The comprehensive array of individual courses, courses of study, and programs offered at the University of Freiburg doesn’t just meet this demand, it also aims to win over even more potential participants.

Continuing Education

The Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education (FRAUW) coordinates continuing education programs for those already working a full-time job. These programs include certificate courses designed to provide further theoretical grounding for practical work experience and a selection of master programs which can also be taken as distance learning programs. Academically sound and at the same time practically oriented, these interdisciplinary continuing education programs can open up new horizons for your career or even provide the foundation for a change of professional emphasis.

Internal Further and Continuing Education

The Internal Further and Continuing Education (IWB) is responsible for the planning and implementation of a further and continuing education program for employees of the University of Freiburg. The main target group are the employees of the non-scientific service, many events are open to scientists. The content of the program is designed in close cooperation with the Working Group for Continuing Education.
The IWB also provides advice and support in the conception and organization of internal departmental continuing education courses. In addition, the department supervises leadership circles, i.e. it places new leaders in existing ones and supports the formation of new circles. It also coordinates a coaching program for executives of the Central University Administration.

Language Courses

The continuing education program is complemented by the language courses offered by the Language Teaching Centre (SLI). The SLI holds courses in both European and non-European languages and can even organize tailor-made courses upon request. It also organizes intensive international language courses in German each March, August, and September. Intensive courses in English and French are also offered each summer.

Studium generale

Specialization is beneficial and necessary. However, it is becoming ever more important to maintain an overview of the relationships between various domains of life and knowledge. The Studium Generale of the University of Freiburg aims to encourage a dialog between various disciplines, particularly between the humanities and the natural sciences. The program has been so successful at achieving this in its over 50 years of existence that it has served as a model for many other similar programs.

The courses and lectures of Studium Generale are designed particularly with students in mind, but the program is also open to interested citizens from the city and region.