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Student Government

After more than 30 years, the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg resolved on 27 June 2012 to reinstate the legally constituted student governments abolished in the year 1977. The law on the introduction of legally constituted student governments took effect on 14 July 2012. The Student Government is the representative body of the University of Freiburg’s students and matriculated doctoral candidates. It represents them and their political, social, and cultural interests.

On 14, 15, and 16 May 2013, students and doctoral candidates received the historical opportunity to vote on the articles of organization for the new Student Government. They voted for the proposal „Das neue Mischmodell – der Kompromiss“ [de], last amended on 27 February 2015.

On 4 November 2013, the Student Government of the University of Freiburg was legally constituted and thus became a corporation vested with legal powers under public law with a far-reaching mandate for shaping university policy, the right to establish its own statutes, and financial autonomy under Section 65, Paragraph 1, Clause 2 of the State Higher Education Act (LHG).

Several organs work together in the Student Government to represent the interests of the students and matriculated doctoral students within and outside of the university. They include the following:

The administrative office of the Student Government is located in the Student House (Belfortstraße 24). Here, there is a wide range of services on offer: from car and bicycle rental to the sale of office supplies. In addition, the student government offers a weekly do-it-yourself bicycle workshop.
Click here for a full list of services. [de]

Interested students and matriculated doctoral candidates are always welcome to stop by at the Student House or to participate in one of the meetings.

For further information, announcements, minutes of meetings, and much more, visit the website of the Student Government at [de].