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Administrative, service, and technical personnel

Our expectations as trainees

  • As trainees, we can choose between nine different professions and get to know the heterogeneity of the university as a “scientific institution”.
  • We receive a versatile and highly qualified training with good opportunities for further education.
  • If questions arise during the training, we receive a wide range of support from our dedicated training managers and the youth and trainee representatives.

The aim of personnel development at the University of Freiburg is

  • to support the trainees with attractive measures during their training period.
  • to give them the opportunity to further their education beyond the content of their training and to prepare for their later career entry.
  • to offer those interested in training and internships opportunities to get to know the “university workplace”.


Petra Engelbracht
(Management Office PE, Management of the AK PE)
Phone: +49 761 / 203 – 96888

Franziska Jebok
(Assistance Office PE, Coordination)
Phone.: +49 761 / 203 – 96889