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EPICUR – European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions

What is EPICUR?

EPICUR is one of currently 41 European University Alliances that have received funding from the
European Commission as part of the initiative to establish a European Education Area (EEA) by 2025.

What partners are involved in EPICUR?

EPICUR comprises nine partner institutions from across the European Union. The nine partners have committed to developing innovative learning and teaching opportunities for their students and staff, as well as to working together to tackle global problems of societal relevance with collaborative, inter- and trans-disciplinary programs of research.

Who funds EPICUR?

European University Alliances are funded through two grants from the European Commission:

  • At the end of 2019 EPICUR received an initial five million Euros from the Erasmus+ scheme in order to start planning joint teaching and learning initiatives.
  • In January 2020, the Alliance received a further two million Euros under the Horizon2020 scheme in order to develop a joint research agenda. In addition, EPICUR has received generous funding from national and regional agencies (e.g., BMBF, MWK).

The EPICUR team has also contributed to winning additional funding for innovative teaching projects at the University of Freiburg (e.g., IVAR). If you have an application for teaching initiatives that you think would benefit from association with the European University Alliance, please get in touch: — we are very happy to support funding applications in any way possible!

What has been done in the EPICUR project so far?

EPICUR Teaching and Learning initiatives have been in preparation since January 2020. Please see below for more information about ongoing projects and how to get involved.

EPICUR Research initiatives in the context of EPICUR Research started in early 2021. Please see below for more information about ongoing projects and how to get involved.

Who is involved in EPICUR?

The EPICUR Project Team is spread across multiple administrative and academic units within the
University of Freiburg. See below to find out who is responsible for what, and for information on how to become part of the growing community of EPICUReans.

EPICUR Research

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