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Administrative, service, and technical personnel

Our identity as employees

  • We as employees fulfill our tasks with high commitment. We think and act responsibly, with foresight, creatively and result-oriented.
  • We treat our partners with respect and appreciation, communicate openly and search for solutions together.
  • We maintain our claim to “good leadership” by giving feedback to our managers.

The aim of personnel development at the University of Freiburg is

  • to promote the competencies of the employees with a variety of measures and to accompany them adequately in change processes.
  • to offer the employees individual measures that are tailored to their needs and adapted to professional/alternative development options.
  • to provide the employees with a wide range of services when professional or private requirements change at the workplace.


Petra Engelbracht
(Management Office PE, Management of the AK PE)
Phone: +49 761 / 203 – 96888

Franziska Jebok
(Assistance Office PE, Coordination)
Phone.: +49 761 / 203 – 96889