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About us

Our Identity as the University of Freiburg

  • We regard the career and personnel development of our researchers and our administrative, service, and technical employees as a central strategic task. Our career and personnel development is based on the knowledge that our university is supported and shaped by all employees, regardless of where at the university they work.
  • Our career and personnel development is a dynamic process and integrates changes in research policy, society, and culture.
  • Our career and personnel development is oriented toward a model of life and work phases. We support our researchers as well as our administrative, service, and technical employees in transitional phases in the course of their academic qualification as well as in phases of work and further development. At the same time, we show consideration for changing life events and the influence they have on daily work.
  • We understand career and personnel development as a central leadership task. In combination with team-oriented, cross-departmental, and interdisciplinary cooperation, we lay the foundation for the University of Freiburg’s success. This, after all, is the key to the sustainable further development of science and research as well as administrative, service, and technical areas.

The aim of career and personnel development at the University of Freiburg is

  • to see to it that the broad range of career and personnel development measures on offer is tailored to the needs and demands of specific groups and meets quality standards. In doing so, we strive to provide our employees with individual and professional support in times of change and qualification.
  • to strategically develop and improve career structures and paths in their entirety, to draw attention to more diverse career paths for researchers, and to identify professional and individual development opportunities for administrative, service, and technical employees.
  • to open up spaces for development and encourage the exchange of ideas between all employees. To this end, we want to develop their diverse skills, their personalities, and their potential for development in the long term.

Our identity and the demand for individual and audience-specific career and personnel development are therefore reflected in two different personnel development plans (“Academic Personnel Development” and “Administrative, Service, and Technical Personnel“). For additional information, we refer you to the downloadable versions, the further information pages, and the respective contact persons.

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Dr. Melanie Fritscher-Fehr
(Head of Equality, Diversity and Academic Personnel Development)
Phone: +49 761 / 203 – 96818

Petra Engelbracht
(Management Office PE, Management of the AK PE)
Phone: +49 761 / 203 – 96888

Ramona Schuler
(Assistance Office PE, Coordination)
Phone.: +49 761 / 203 – 96889