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Senate, Governing Bodies and Committees

The central body for academic self-administration is the Senate. It is entrusted with fundamental issues of research, teaching, studies, and continuing education.

The Senate passes all university statutes, in particular the university constitution, regulations for degree programs, examinations, admissions, and administration, and terms of use. The body rules over the creation and abolition of degree programs and university institutions such as research institutes and centers. Structural and development plans and appointment proposals require its approval. The Senate elects the part-time members of the Rectorate and, together with the University Council, the full-time members of the Rectorate.

The Senate is the university’s only central organ that, aside from members by virtue of their office, is composed of directly elected representatives of the various groups of university members. The elected members include 22 professors, five representatives of non-tenured academic staff, five students, three doctoral candidates, and five administrative and technical employees. The rector, the head of administration, and the faculty equal opportunity representative are voting members by virtue of their office. The other members of the Rectorate and the deans are non-voting members by virtue of their office insofar as they are not elected members.

Elected members serve a four-year term, those representing the students and doctoral candidates a one-year term.


Cornelia Meier
Stabsstelle Gremien und Berufungen
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Head of office
Ulrike Stawarz
Stabsstelle Gremien und Berufungen
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