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Pilot project on professionalizing staff recruitment and integration at ZUV and CIBSS

Highly qualified personnel is the key factor for achieving the University of Freiburg’s future objectives in the best possible way. Diversity-sensitive staff recruitment and integration is the first and critical step on this path. 

The pilot project on this topic launched at the start of 2020 is simultaneously also the first measure of our new HR strategy. This project involves the quality-oriented optimization of various processes and procedures for selecting staff and training new employees. In the process, the complex and cross-sectoral project brings together central and decentralized perspectives. The project is being conducted by a six-member interdisciplinary team.

A person specification will serve as a common thread for all procedures in the overall process, thus forming a unified whole. Besides integrating the person specification, the project group is developing various advising and service elements (e.g., checklists, form letters, guiding questions for interviews).

The new staff selection process is to be tested in selected staff selection procedures during a pilot phase. This will apply initially only to administrative positions at the Central University Administration (ZUV) and the Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies (CIBSS). The coronavirus pandemic is unfortunately causing delays at the moment, as expressed, among other things, by the postponement of the qualification workshop for the project team and the resulting later start of the test phase.

Nevertheless, we would be happy if you could support us in the pilot phase. Do you have a vacant position to fill? In a joint discussion, we can advise you and walk you through the individual steps in the selection process along the lines of the position you have advertised. Feel free to get in touch with us!

Are you interested in participating in the pilot project, or do you have a question? Then feel free to contact me.

Petra Engelbracht