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KTUR: INTERREG Project “Knowledge Transfer Upper Rhine”

The KTUR project (“Knowledge Transfer Upper Rhine”) is a trinational INTERREG project. In addition to the University of Freiburg, eleven other universities and higher education institutions of the Upper Rhine region from Germany, France, and Switzerland are involved. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is the project coordinator. The declared goal of the twelve partner institutions is to establish and expand a transnational network in which all relevant actors from the transfer sector – from research and science to intermediaries (such as economic development agencies) to startups and companies – are involved, learn from each other and initiate new impulses for the Trinational Metropolitan Region Upper Rhine (TMO).

The University of Freiburg is in charge of the working group “Gründen am Oberrhein” (Starting a Business in the Upper Rhine Region) and focuses on several sub-projects. These aim at establishing a regional exchange platform and networking projects (e.g. between SME and startups or with the respective student groups), as well as linking continuing education formats.

More information about the project and related events can be found on the homepage

About the project: The EU is funding KTUR with 1.6 million euros over the next three years as part of the funding program INTERREG V Upper Rhine. The Swiss universities are supported with federal and cantonal funds from the cantons of Aargau, Basel-Landschaft and Jura with about 300,000 euros.