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Mission Statement

What has characterized the University of Freiburg in the past? What is it focusing on in the present? What are its prospects for the future? Our mission statement provides an answer to these questions. It is designed to provide orientation to all employees and students of the university. Only in this way can the university integrate its diverse array of activities to form a successful whole.

Like all other universities in Germany, the University of Freiburg prepared a mission statement in 2007. You can download the statement by clicking on the link in the right column of this page.The Future and Dialog Workshop of the University of Freiburg has begun to develop the current mission statement further. Representatives from various groups at the university are invited to participate in this process.

From the University of Freiburg’s Innovation and Dialog Workshop on “Strategic Identity” [de]

Guiding Principles for Learning and Teaching at the University of Freiburg

What values and principles does the University of Freiburg stand for in relation to learning, teaching, and studies? How can its teaching and learning culture be characterized? Against what standards – also with an eye to the future – does it wish to be measured?

In 2018, the university developed a set of guiding principles [de] for learning and teaching in a multilevel process involving all relevant groups of actors. The principles will play a crucial role in shaping teaching and studies in the coming years and offer guidance to students and teachers alike.

Guiding Principles for Learning and Teaching [de/en]