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Gesine Manuwald

Gesine Manuwald (*1974 Saarbrücken) received the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize for her work in the area of Classical Philology.

As a fellow of the German National Academic Foundation, Gesine Manuwald studied Latin, Greek, and English at the University of Freiburg and the University College London.

After her state examination in 1997, she worked at the Freiburg-based Collaborative Research Center “Identities and Alterities.” Gesine Manuwald received her doctorate as early as 1998, and in 2000, aged only 26, she obtained her habilitation in classical philology at the University of Freiburg. This makes her by far the youngest associate professor in her field.

Gesine Manuwald is particularly interested in early Roman tragedies and fabulae praetextae, a type of Latin drama that was unique to the Romans. The praetextae were of particular importance for constituting and strengthening Roman identity. (Source: DFG)