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Vice-President for Internationalization and sustainability

Prof. Dr. Daniela Kleinschmit

Phone: +49 761 203-4318
Fax: +49 761 203-8866
Curriculum Vitae

Spheres of Activity / Areas of Responsibility

  • International Office (mobility, welcome culture, maintenance and development of international partnerships)
  • Eucor – The European Campus EGTC (representation of the University of Freiburg on the committee of vice presidents, operational implementation)
  • EPICUR – European Partnership for an Innovative Campus: Unifying Regions (representation of the University of Freiburg on the steering committee, operational implementation)
  • Academic Consortium (AC) 21
  • Sustainability Council & sustainability agenda
  • Sustainability Certificate
  • University and Urban Society (Sustainability Council)
  • Sustainability management and reporting
  • Sustainability awards
  • League of European Research Universities (LERU), lead officer on sustainability


Lora Gyuzeleva

Sustainability Manager