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Future and Dialog Workshop

Giving direction to diversity.

What is distinctive about the University of Freiburg? What should research and instruction focus on? What guiding principles can and should hold true for all? These are topics that concern everyone: the workshop tackles a new one year after year.

The Innovation and Dialog Workshop of the University of Freiburg invites experts from all faculties and disciplines to contribute their own perspectives on central questions concerning the future of the university and to develop new ones together. We also welcome the participation of external partners, such as entrepreneurs, managers, politicians, artists, or scholars. Close moderation and evaluation of these workshops allows us to filter out strategies to further consolidate the university’s leading position in the 21st century. The Innovation and Dialog Workshop met for the first time in 2007, on the 550th anniversary of the University of Freiburg’s founding. Since that time, conferences have been held roughly on an annual basis. The head of administration and administrative department D.1.1 are responsible for the format of the Innovation and Dialog Workship, which also goes by the name “Humboldt Laboratory,” and support the users on planning, organization, and evaluation.

Selected Workshops


Dr. Reiner Fuest
Department 1.1, Knowledge Management
Phone: +49 (0)761 203-5012