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The University of Freiburg’s position on the war in Ukraine

The MWK also addresses the area of research in its decree.

Cooperation with Russian and Belarusian research institutions and companies will be suspended and no new cooperation will be entered into until further notice. Here, too, individual contacts and research projects can continue.

Research guests from Russia and Belarus are currently no longer invited. Already existing offers to visit that have been extended to invited guests will be postponed indefinitely. Existing guests may remain for the duration of their funded stay.

Memberships of Russian and Belarusian scientists in committees at the University of Freiburg are suspended and new memberships are not offered until further notice.

The preparation of new publications with the participation of Russian and Belarusian research institutions will be suspended.

Until further notice, no more joint events (including digital ones) with Russian and Belarusian institutions will be held.

Request from the Ukrainian Young Scientist Council

The Young Scientist Council, an advisory body of young scientists to the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, draws attention to the situation of scientists in Ukraine with a publication. According to a survey conducted by the Young Scientist Council, researchers in Ukraine are mainly asking for support in the context of “remote research work”, for example, through the preparation of joint publications, access to data/archives, virtual participation in scientific conferences or as virtual guest lecturers for courses.

The University of Freiburg encourages scientists in Freiburg to maintain contacts with researchers and teachers in Ukraine as far as possible and to be open to networking.